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yeah, I guess you're right; it’s not the life I would've had...

Creator Mark Schwahn originally wrote One Tree Hill as a feature-length project called Ravens.2.

Peyton: [voiceover] At this moment there are 6,470,818,671 people in the world. Learn to let go of the past and recognize that every day won't be sunny. You're supposed to live long enough to take it back. Nathan: You know it's been said that we just don't recognize the significant moments of our lives while they are happening. Life's funny sometimes; can push pretty hard like when you fall in love with someone but they forget to love you back like when your best friend and your boyfriend leave you alone like when you pull the trigger or light the flame and you can't take it back. Before we left the lawyer who drew up the adoption papers called. And, if this is something that you really want then you have the grades, then you can have it. Brooke: [intro to Naley Re-enactment] Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away a girl and a boy fell in love.

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But instead of throwing it out, Bush took the prop home.15. Peyton's subconcious: Well, I'm busy having a snack and see it was kind of great actually. Live in the present and make it so beautiful, that it will be worth remembering. I had to find some strength, some courage, to find a way out, and that's when I found one. After graduation everyone will probably go play basketball, or sing, or start record labels. Lucas: Because, you kink your eyebrow when you're trying to be cute. I won't be mean to her because I don't have to play games with her. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever. And we know that this instant is more than just a fleeting image. One night both teams snuck in here, locked the doors, and squared off. Nathan: [voiceover] Every once in a while people step up, they rise above themselves.

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