Dating zippo table lighters

25-Mar-2018 21:47

One thing in the model 3's favour when it comes to being a collector is that it was manufactured for roughly 5 years.In theory this should make them more common than their predecessors, yet strangely the model 3 doesn't turn up anywhere near as much as you would expect.It is similar in stature to the model 1, but sports the 2 step base.It's a lovely thing to hold, except that it is a high polish item, so every time you pick it up, you have to wipe the greasy finger marks off it to keep it looking good, and even perfectly clean hands leave obvious fingerprints.

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Both the Moderne and Corinthian table lighters were discontinued in 1966.

No doubt designed to compensate for the issues of a longer spring losing its ability to do the job.

The model 2 was only manufactured for 2 years before being replaced in late 1949 with the smaller model 3. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The model 3 Barcroft looks a little small in comparison to it's older brothers.

The Moderne and Corinthian table lighters were both introduced in 1960.

Available with three different finishes, the Moderne had a black & rhodium model, a satin finish rhodium model, and a bright finish rhodium model.

The antiqued silver plate lighter can be removed from the Lady Barbara base to reveal an etched 65th Anniversary logo.

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