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He generally hangs out with the other boys he is on the track team or safety team with, which are Clawd Wolf, Deuce Gorgon, Manny Taur, and Slo Mo.Additionally, Heath reasonably gets along with Gil and Hoodude Voodoo, although the latter is also one of his easier bullying targets.As he claims in his 2013 profile description of "Killer Style", Heath usually prefers to dress in a sense that isn't too show-off-like in sense of thought that it might envy the other male student bodies at Monster High, but he still likes to look good, so he wears letter jackets with flames on them and shoes with fire flames designed onto them.Heath also has bright orange hair that literally resembles a fire flame, all pointed up and no sense of essence of bangs or fringe.

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Although his appearance is never really told in the book series, his looks are probably what caught the attention of Haylee, Bekka Madden's friend.However, Jackson Jekyll's 'Between Classes' diary states that it's Jackson's and Holt's father who is a fire elemental and it implies it's through him that the two boys are related to Heath.