Who is chachi dating

11-May-2018 01:20

When you have a new bride in the house, the excitement of Diwali celebration knows no bounds.

Send in stories of how Chachi has inspired you to become better at dancing or even about how much you love the dancing queen!

I am a different person at work and a different one for you. You and I, both have a few joint and a lot many individual priorities.

I will never stop you from attending to your priorities come what may and would seriously accept the same from you!

Chachi was gaining tons of followers on twitter and anyone who she tweeted instantly got a bunch of new followers as well.

The first time I paid any real attention to their tweets to each other was when Ian tweeted chachi saying that her KDBs kept following him and were breaking his phone with notifications.

It is a very important part of my life for sure, but I have a life beyond you too and I would love for you to respect that.

You mean a lot to me but so do my friends, my family and my work!

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I will certainly take your advice and act on them if they make sense, but you cannot compel me to do as you say.With gifts, diyas, decorations, sweets and lots of lights, Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India.