Updating a meade 497 controller connection

20-Jul-2017 01:44

What version of the Nex Star hand control firmware do I need? Star GPS-NX will work with any Nex Star hand control that has firmware version 2.3, 104.0 or 4.0 as displayed by using MENU: Utilities: Version (this includes all user-upgradeable hand controls).

updating a meade 497 controller connection-71

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What happens when Meade releases a new version of the Autostar software? If I purchase Star Patch can you e-mail me the registration key? It ensures that the correct date, time, latitude and longitude are automatically input based on the Global Positioning System.

With Star Patch the GPS Setup patch will recognize up to 3 decimal places but some of this accuracy is lost due to the delay in transmitting data from the GPS to the Autostar.