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20-Aug-2017 19:17

Name a Christmas movie that families might watch together. Name a food that kids want their own of even if they can’t finish the whole thing.

Name a job around the house that parents might expect their daughter to do.

Each time you play a game of Family Feud (consisting of 4 rounds and Fast Money) at Pogo you receive one of several different games currently available.

The questions and answers below are grouped by answer set, so when you receive the first question of your game, click the Menu button in the lower left corner of the game screen to pause the game.

Name a musical instrument that sounds terrible when someone’s learning to play it.

Name a place where adults go to relax while kids go to play.

Name something a teen girl might ask her mom to stay out of.

Name something a woman might wish her husband had more of.

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Name something embarrassing that parents have video of their kids doing.

Name something a mom would be really embarrassed to have her child do in front of grandma.

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