Skype sex credit card

26-Jun-2017 04:14

I hung up fast; no idea what they might also be using the number to and use my number for long distance dialing? Spoof numbers, Burner phones, and who knows what other tricks, are up their sleeves.

Scammers could sign up for Skype or other VOIP numbers, then drop/change those once used too much.

Usually, the call starts by saying that due to violations of FCRA, I am entitled to reduction of my credit card interest rate.

I play along and act dumb, but asking many questions, until they hang up on me.

But there are doctors who call you on numbers that are different from the ones you call them on. No idea if there is any way for FCC to track scammers via tracking the used number.

What if your kid lost his phone and is calling you on someone else's phone? Today's call from "Marriott's", upon call-back, had a bunch of odd clicking and mechanical sounds--unlike a FAX number...

The number shown on my caller ID many times is in a nearby small town.

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The worst part of this - when the call comes in it looks like a local number --- that is the only reason I answer it!!! Track the funds charged to an operations credit card and fine the hell out of them for all of the laws being broken.

When i told the very first call that i was already working with the government on this they hung up on me. The fact that they are repeatedly calling and calling. The number that is called back has a message that the number is unavailable is a big warning sign.

I do have messages on my system, and text system that will detect spam and send a message about the no call list. This is ridiculous - the NSA can listen to Angela Merkel's cell phone calls but the government can't stop these robocalls?

Again, you need to convince them that this is in their own customers best interests to preserve the integrity of caller ID and end abuse of the network.

What Congress person would stand in the way of legislation that would end robo calls at their source using simple logging a slam dunk? The FTC could stop this tomorrow by requiring phone carriers to offer free whitelist/blacklist services.

I have logged 400 card services calls in two years. The only thing to do to fight back is to degrade the hell out of the scammers using allof the foul language I learned from their coworkers. I have fun with unwanted calls sometimes which can be risky, but... Been getting a whole raft of calls from 813 Area Code, some numbers are repeated.

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