Play ps3 games online without updating firmware

16-Feb-2018 11:52

play ps3 games online without updating firmware-68

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The 3.21 update apparently does nothing but remove a feature for "security concerns." I didn't even want to install it on my PS3 Slim, so I went and adjusted my server to bypass the update for myself and others.

play ps3 games online without updating firmware-6

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ithink Different does not condone piracy or hacking in any form.

It is a violation of the Terms of Service and in some cases be considered illegal.

If, eventually, a disc game comes out that requires 3.21, you will be forced to upgrade to play that game; there's nothing you can do about that yet. You can go to customize your network settings from XMB, and get to the part about DNS nameservers.

Select custom, and enter the following IP as your Primary DNS: 67.2 And there you go, PSN works.

This is good advice about the console - since it's always recommend to also update the firmware for stability and adding in new features! I would try and update them - just in case you run into a bug and it ruins your experience!