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The date of the menstrual cycle can be estimated from the histologic appearance of the endometrium.Proliferative Phase: (1) features: pseudostratified epithelium with mitoses and no vacuoles (2) early: glands straight (3) mid: glands coiled and stromal edema (4) late: glands coiled without subnuclear vacuoles in epithelium Interval Phase (post-ovulatory day 1): (1) features: uniform subnuclear vacuoles present in 50% of glands) with mitotic figures frequent (3) post-ovulatory day (POD) 3: subnuclear vacuoles and nuclei uniformly aligned, with scattered mitotic figures (4) post-ovulatory day (POD) 4: vacuoles assume luminal position with mitotic figures rare (5) post-ovulatory day (POD) 5: vacuoles infrequent with secretion in lumen of gland Mid-Secretory Phase: (1) features: nonvacuolated endometrium with stromal edema (2) post-ovulatory day (POD) 6: luminal secretion prominent (3) post-ovulatory day (POD) 7: beginning of stromal edema (4) post-ovulatory day (POD) 8: maximal stromal edema Late-Secretory Phase: (1) features: nonvacuolated endometrium with stromal precidualization but no stromal breakdown (2) post-ovulatory day (POD) 9: spiral arteries first prominent (3) post-ovulatory day (POD) 10: thick periarterial cuff of predecidua (4) post-ovulatory day (POD) 11: islands of predecidua in superficial compactum (5) post-ovulatory day (POD) 12: beginning coalescence of islands of predecidua (6) post-ovulatory day (POD) 13: confluence of surface islands of predecidua, with prominent stromal granulocytes (7) post-ovulatory day (POD) 14: extravasation of red cells in stroma, with prominent stromal granulocytes Menstrual Phase: (1) features: crumbling of the stroma, hemorrhage, intravascular fibrin thrombi, stromal granulocytes prominent (2) late menstrual: regenerative changes prominent Limitations: • The secretory phase is usually reported as a 2 day range.Lupron therapy produces a shrinking of uterine leiomyomas by accelerating their hyaline degeneration, similar to that in postmenopausal involution. Tamoxifen for breast carcinoma has an estrogen-agonist effect on the uterus in approximately 20% of patients, who develop endometrial polyps, glandular hyperplasia, adenomyosis, and/or leiomyomata.Both endometrioid and nonendometrioid carcinomas are seen, often in polyps.Under the influence of oestrogen, the stroma is often the thickest at day 10.

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The vacuoles move to a supranuclear position and the contents may be seen within the lumina.The nuclei rather than centrally-located are pseudostratified, though they tend to be found in the basal half.

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