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I have been appointed by judges in Michigan, California, Kentucky, Maine, Florida and Australia to perform examinations at the request of the court.

Shareholders’ best hopes will be that a well-funded investment vehicle is waiting to get a place on the junior stock market AIM without going through the hassle of an IPO.

Alternatively, Cupid’s founder, Bill Dobbie, who is also the biggest shareholder, could use the £18m sitting in the company’s bank account to set forth on his next entrepreneurial digital adventure.

According to BAE Systems, the Company’s Combat Engineering team is using 3D printing to engineer ready-made parts for supply to four squadrons of Tornado GR4 aircraft.

Mr Dobbie, meanwhile, is left nursing his substantial stake in Cupid plc as he assesses the damage and decides what to do with the £18m in the bank and how he can persuade the remaining shareholders they should stick with him.

At the time bosses said the “casual” part was becoming too niche and too “adult orientated”, which was something they wanted to distance the company from.

The “casual” parts are now owned by a British Virgin Islands firm, Grendall, controlled by Mr Poltakov.

But rather than attempt to rebuild and recover from the decline in its fortunes, the bosses at Cupid have decided to call it a day and have sold the last of its dating businesses, including and, for just £3m.

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Cupid had already sold its “casual dating” businesses – with sites including Be Naughty, Flirt and Cheeky Lovers – for a healthier £45.1m last year, although part of yesterday’s transaction will see £20m outstanding from that deal reduced to £12.5m instead.He also bought the final chunk of the company yesterday, through a web of companies all based on the infamous Caribbean tax haven.