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For a jar, you can select from the Moon Dust Collection of organic herb products to sprinkle on your coffee or tea and improve your skin, sex life, or spirit, or even boost your brain.Like many wellness gurus, she claims her potions and powders draw on the mystical secrets of healing ancient Chinese and ayurvedic medicine.You need to pluck, scrub, bleach, tuck, tone, and whiten your teeth. You need to wear light and wispy clothes that convey the health and healing you’re packaging in your products.You need an absurdly complicated, difficult-to-manage diet that involves lots of seeds, nuts, and supplements no one’s ever heard of.But Bacon and the lifestyle gurus that have come before her also confuse the public on health.They obscure the few truths we know actually lead to lasting wellness — getting exercise, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, avoiding smoking, drinking, and eating too much — with overpriced and unproven products. Chantal and Derek James are a middle-class couple struggling to keep romance alive while dealing with their three young children.Meanwhile, the Tipps need to spice up their love-lives, as husband Galen is too uptight and his wife Marilyn wants to loosen him up.

The underlying subtext of the wellness guru narrative is always that the world is toxic and everything you’ve been told about eating and health is wrong. This shift in my personality, my immune system, appearance, and thought inspired me to create Moon Juice.” Moon Juice is the name of Bacon’s California shops, where she sells the superfoods, juices, and supplements that she claims have healed her and a multitude of customers.To really own wellness gurudom, you need to have anecdotes that back up your work — stories of people whose lives have been transformed by your products or methods. and she said that the Sex Dust” — along with pomegranate seed lube — “got them to be able to enjoy sex despite the fact that her body wasn’t producing any of the hormones enabling her to do so. They all work.” To be clear, in evidence-based medicine, anecdotes are considered the lowest form of evidence, since they may be cherry-picked or otherwise unrepresentative of a broader experience.In the Times profile, Bacon talked about turning around the sex drive of a woman who had been treated for cancer: “People really report back: Wow, my skin changed,’ ” she said, turbocharging into evangelical mode. There was a young, beautiful woman who approached me at an event. But in the world of wellness, they are often presented as definitive proof.“Queering the Middle: Sexual Diasporas, Race, and a Queer Midwest” with Martin F. I have been part of numerous collaborative projects that incorporate law and legal rights over the past fifteen years.

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While my research and academic training is mostly in humanities, my current research is mostly defined by queer public discourses and legal cultures.announced today that the Amanda Chantal Bacon company has entered into a partnership with the beauty retailer where Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust — a powder supplement said to rev up your skin’s luster — and Full Moon — a sampler box of Beauty, Brain, Sex, Power, Spirit, and Dream dusts — will be sold in 25 Sephora stores and on beginning September 15.

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