Advertise dating site

25-Jun-2017 14:49

The company tells Business Insider: Making sure ads are relevant and high quality is a top priority for us, so we updated our policy a few months ago to require manual review for ads for online dating services.

Facebook says it has had a lot of complaints from users about the prevalence of dating ads in the past, so it is continuing to be strict.

Facebook first activated a ban on small dating sites back in January.

That hurt small companies because Valentine's Day, Feb. Initially, Facebook was going to revisit the policy after Valentine's Day but has since decided to extend the ban.

Here's our source's story about being banned from Facebook: Our first product went live last year and we executed our strategy well - we self managed our Facebook mobile app install campaign and got a very nice ROI.

Usage continued to grow week after week, we reached the #1 spot in the app store when searching for the particular vertical we went after, got tons of 5 star reviews, and all was well.

In the meantime, inability access Facebook is ruining some dating businesses. "It's now June, and since then nothing has changed.